Forgiveness (worthy say to Almighty Creator)

Thursday, January 19th 2017. | Colorings
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Forgiveness is a true virtue. If Creator forgive to all why people can’t do it? Almighty did not create begins who need to reprimand & who need to be punished. You may act, think at times as if you have been hoaxing for reason only devil. But Almighty know you are not that type. Your sins & mistakes do reason for Lucifer. Almighty creator see it. Sometimes, when people do things that you dislike or someone heart you, you want to punish them. You are angry. You want them to get what they deserve. You should ask yourself who you are talking about. You are talking about souls whose Almighty create only for do his prayer? No readers, you can’t be. He didn’t send any human who are bad. They are perfect. Some of them Saitan gives them waswasa thus why they are doing worst thing in world. Almighty see them doing things that hurt others & themselves. He still know who one is & lost hearts. He always see the one who needs love, to be seen & known. The result of false ideas we have believed about yourself, about others, about Creators which we do strange & fearful ways.  Forgiveness is not saying that it is ok that a person act badly. It’s not over looking. It’s not a negative idea of who a person based on how they act. Forgiveness says, Almighty will help you to let go of your ideas, do not fears any evil things, you are able to relax and be who you are & not to be burdened by this false identity which alienates you from your fellow Prophet & Creator.

So it’s above all feeling but you should know these things. Now you should to say forgive to Creator what are done by you before. Promise from your soul, that you never ever do any wrong things again.  If you are say and obtain it then Creator forgive you. And you people should forgive another. So forgive.